Scandalous and Viral: Bagito Video Scandal Surface Online - Raises Concerns

Have you heard or maybe you saw this video scandal of high school students who are doing sexual acts at the stairs of the school? It is tagged as "Bagito Video Scandal" This video making rounds in the internet and gone viral since it was uploaded on January 30, 2015. 

The video of these high school students caught the attention of government agencies who are tracing these students involved in the video. Even the international community noticed these scandalous video which some of them commented that they are concern about what have these teenagers did.

UNOFFICIAL: Some commentors said these students are from San Pascual High School in Batangas City but it was not confirmed. There are also reports surfaced online that the boy in the video committed suicide after learning that his video scandal gone viral. Want to watch the full video? Sorry but we do not provide links and video here to protect the privacy of these young adults.

Where to watch the video?
* The video has been deleted by Facebook and Youtube. Do not attempt to find it online and you better not to watch the video PLEASE. It's too disturbing specially for young adults.