Tagbo Festival

The Tagbo Festival is one of the main festivals of Cebu. AsiaRooms.com gives complete information on Tagbo Festival, Cebu.

This festival is celebrated in the month of January and it is observed to honor the Santo Nino de Poro (the patron saint). This festival has an important significance in the sense that it highlights the birth of a town. Merry – making and enjoyment are an integral part of this festival and the local residents as well as the tourists make it a point to be in Cebu in the month of January, so that they are able to witness this festival. Month’s ahead of this festival the inhabitants of Cebu gear up for this festival and begin to concentrate on the arrangements associated with this festival and leaves no stones unturned to celebrate this occasion in the best possible way.
The Tagbo Festival is celebrated in the Poro Camotes Island, Cebu. This island, which is situated in the east of Cebu, is made up of three sub islands. It is the home to picturesque landscapes. The inhabitants of this island have preserved the natural beauty of this island and a visit to this island would enliven your stay in Cebu. It can also be said that the scenic beauty of this island is worth a photograph

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