The salvaro of Cebu are basically coconut crackers that are characterized by being flat and oval in shape. Additionally, these biscuits are indeed very thin (wafer-thin!) and also very crispy. Because of their coconut flavour, they are made to be more unique and distinct from other delicacies and products of Cebu.
The main ingredients of salvaro are the enriched wheat flour, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, shredded coconut, and shortening. It is also known to be a very healthy and nutritious delight for all. There are several famous brands and manufacturers of salvaro you can find here in Cebu, including Gene’s Salvaro de Cebu and Pinky’s Salvaro. You might want to check these out.

It is basically coconut crackers on flat oval and very thin biscuits. It is wafer-thin and very crispy. It has a unique taste due to its coconut flavor.

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