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Bantayan Island is known as the Lenten Capital of the Visayas. Bantayan Island is located at the northern most tip of the Cebu Mainland and is composed of the three municipalities, namely Sta. Fe, Bantayan and Medridejos.

During the Spanish regime, forts or watchtowers were built all over the island to serve as lookouts for invading Moros from Mindanao. These forts were then called "Bantayan sa Hari" or the watchtowers of the King of Spain. Locals then began to call their place as such. However, saying the complete phrase was not favored at that time that the place came to be known as Bantayan.

Bantayan is a 2nd class municipality of Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu, Philippines which is administratively subdivided into 25 barangays namely Atop-atop, Baigad, Baod, Binaobao (Poblacion), Balidbid, Kabac, Doong, Hilotongan, Guiwanon, Kabangbang, Kampingganon, Kangkaibe, Lipayran, Luyongbaybay, Mojon, Obo-ob, Patao, Putian, Sillon, Sungko, Suba (Poblacion), Sulangan, Tamiao, Bantigue (Poblacion) and Ticad (Poblacion)

Madridejos is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the three municipalities that make up the island of Bantayan located on the western portion of the northern tip of mainland Cebu. Madridejos is administratively subdivided into 14 barangays namely Bunakan, Kangwayan, Kaongkod, Kodia, Maalat, Malbago, Mancilang, Pili, Poblacion, San Agustin, Tabagak, Talangnan, Tarong and Tugas.

Santa Fe is a 5th class municipality on Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu, Philippines which is administratively subdivided into 10 barangays Hagdan, Hilantagaan, Kinatarkan, Langub, Maricaban, Okoy, Poblacion, Balidbid, Pooc and Talisay.

Bantayan Island Beach
Bantayan is one of the well-known tourist destinations in the country. Aside from having one of the oldest churches in the Visayas and Mindanao, it is also known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Beach resorts line the island's shores and offer a mixture of local and international cuisine. Vast arrays of seafood are also served in most restaurants in the area. Varieties of dried fish, locally known as buwad, also abound in the island and are a favorite pasalubong for local and foreign tourists.

The island is also known as the "Egg Basket of the Visayas" and can produce more than 100 tons of eggs per day to supply the growing demand for eggs in mainland Cebu, Negros, Panay and Leyte.

Although foreign and local tourists frequent the island for a much needed vacation, Bantayan particularly  comes  alive during the Easter season and has been dubbed as the
"Lenten Capital of the Visayas." People from all over the country visit Bantayan during the Holy Week to witness the processions that feature life-size images that depict the passion and death of Jesus Christ.
Bantayan is a beautiful tiny tropical island paradise that is located in the at the western portion of the northern tip of Cebu Philippines. Bantayan Island is one of the secret paradise island of Cebu. Bantayan Island is the Boracay of Cebu. But words are spreading out like fire from some of the tourist who have discovered and traveled to Bantayan island. Bantayan Island tropical paradise is a perfect place for people who want to have a quiet, peaceful, blue skies & clean air, with spectacular turquoise water & great beaches. This Tropical Island is not crowded and commercialized.

Bantayan Tropical Island has beautiful white sand beach resorts with pristine blue waters. Bantayan Island is a popular vacation destination in Cebu because of it's world class white sand beach and crystal clear pristine blue waters. Bantayan Island is one of the favorite destination paradise here in the Philippines in which many local and foreign tourist visitors are attracted to the natural beauty of the island that is so unexploited and so enchanted. Bantayan Island is a tropical paradise where you can have a total relaxation with an enjoyable self-exploration to the island. Many local and foreign tourists come here in this tropical island paradise The Bantayan Island to get away from a stressful and busy work in the city. This island is like a virgin paradise that is still unexplored or unexploited. The island has three municipalities namely Santa Fe, Bantayan (proper) and Madridejos. Santa Fe town where you can find most of the beautiful beaches in the island. One popular beach there is the Kota beach. The beaches here in the Tropical Island Paradise of Bantayan are marvelous and beautiful. The beaches here are the gorgeous white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise water that you'll ever see.
Life on the Tropical Island of Bantayan

Life on this island is so old fashioned and very peaceful. This tropical island paradise has no bigg shopping malls or no mega movie theaters. This island is not overcrowded. Island life in Bantayan is slower and you can have a very relaxing life if you have to have a vacation in this island. Bantayan island has beauty on its own. People living in this island are simple. The roads here are yet to be paved, locals are raising crops and livestock and living in bamboo & coco wood houses; the warmth and friendliness of the local people here only serves to make Bantayan a more unique & very special place for all who visit.
Tourist Attractions in Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island Holy Week
Not only Bantayan is best for its white sand beaches, it also known for its caves. Bantayan Island is also rich in culture and history. Bantayan island is also rich in religious artifacts. Bantayan was the first parish to be established in Cebu by the Augustinians. It was founded on June 11, 1580 as the Convento dela Asuncion de Nuestra SeƱora. It was one of the few parishes to be a part of the Archdiocese of Mexico (with the Archdiocese of Manila separating only in 1595) and is older than San Nicolas by four years (the latter founded in 1584).

The present church is probably the fourth or fifth church erected, with the other churches destroyed by natural calamities and the constant Moro raids who did not only leave the island in wreck but also abducted its residents. This church was built by an Ilonggo priest named Padre Doroteo Andrada del Rosario from 1839-1863. It probably has the thickest walls among all stone churches in Cebu, being not only a house of God but also a refuge during the times when Christians were in constant danger.

Bantayan Island is also known for its marvelous processions and is inundated with people during Holy Week. This is why many people, tourist and locals come here to Bantayan.
How To Get To Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is accessible by air, land and sea. There are daily trips by bus and vehicles for hire at the North Bus terminal in Cebu City to Hagnaya and from there, one can take a ferry to Sta. Fe. There is also a night ferry from Cebu City to Bantayan everyday except Mondays and there are also regular, as well as chartered flights from Mactan Cebu International Airport to Bantayan.

By Air: Manila to Cebu by plane will take you 1hr. 10min. flight. You can ride on several buses daily from Cebu City to Hagnaya in the north east of Cebu mainland, where boats and ferries are leaving for and arriving from Santa Fe on Bantayan Island. You can likewise go by boat from Hagnaya to Santa Fe where there are regular ferries daily to Santa Fe on Bantayan Island for trip duration of an hour. Oceanjet and hydrofoil from Cebu city are other transportation options toward the island. If you want to get around Bantayan Island, some buses are going between some of the towns. You can take tricycle between places. There is a minimal traffic on the island; even the quality of the road is good. It is possible to ask many of the locals, to rent their bikes for some few pesos, and also they say it is possible to hire motorbike/s in Santa Fe for some few hundred pesos daily.

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