Subic Beach in Luzon

Subic Beach

Sitting on the edge of the bow of the boat gave me a panoramic view of Calintaan Islands where Subic beach is located. The boat passed by some fishermen and their kids armed with obsolete arrows and goggles aiming for a fresh catch. Then suddenly, schools of fishes started jumping before us! Down below the waters, I could see corals dotting the sea floor.

And as the boat moved swiftly to the right side of the rugged cove, the clear turquoise waters of Subic beach was unveiled before me! Powdery white sands, dancing palms trees, humble shacks, farm animals, and parked fishing boats greeted us. I found comfort on a lone tree house where the cool wind gently blows on my face and the majestic view of the beach is a feast for my eyes.


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