Best Philippine tourist destination

For our first post, we asked the members of the Yahoo! Philippines community on our official Facebook Page to share which Philippine destination they would recommend most to tourists, and why. After all, we Filipinos should do our share in promoting Philippine tourism and find ways to help DOT (the Department of Tourism), right?
Here's what the Yahoo! Philippines community had to say.
"Cebu City because it's such a rich city in terms of culture, history, scenery and flavor," said Pau Bernasor. "Plus going around the city is not that expensive at all."

Magellan's Cross in Cebu City. Photo by Yahoo! Southeast Asia
Meanwhile, Erwin Casicas urged tourists to pay a visit to Bohol. "It showcases fun, relaxation, food and Filipino culture. It also affords the tourist a glimpse of Philippine history which pre-dates the Spanish."
According to Chien Mila, the best Philippine destination is Palawan. "I'm not from Palawan at hindi ko pa narating ang lugar na yan pero maraming mga magagandang beaches doon, especially yung underground river! (and I haven't been there yet, but it has many beautiful beaches, and especially has the underground river)."

Palawan. Photo by Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Brp Goyo batted for Intramuros. "There's no place in Asia or even the world with that much history. Used as a capital, bombed heavily twice, and even up to now, still stands as a testament to the Filipino people's resilience to oppressors."
CamSur (Camarines Sur) was the choice of Pamela Wann. "The beach, the surf, the wind... beautiful people, too. Warm hospitality and clean surroundings. All these qualities are enough to make both local residents and tourists alike come and visit the place."
For Roselyne Bairan Cua, Boracay is still the best Philippine destination.
"Nasa island ka na may madaming magagandang (You're on an island with a lot of beautiful) resorts, restos, sports activites. Or pag gusto mo lang ng (Or if you just want) RnR, laze around the beaches, enjoy the white sun, wade in the big sea pool and just enjoy Mother Nature Beauty and listen to the sound of the waves," Cua said.

Boracay. Photo by Yahoo! Southeast Asia
How about you, which Philippine destination would you recommend, and why? Post your answer in the comments section.

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