Simala Cebu Philippines - A Must Visit Place "Birhen sa Simala"

Me and my family went to the most miraculous and popular place in Cebu "Birhen sa Simala" at Simala Cebu. It is more or less 2 hours travel going to Simala from Cebu City.

The place is very nice, solemn and is operated by the monks. You can have a relief of stress, family bonding and give peaceful moment. Inside the church, you can find many testimonies of people who were healed and succeeded in their careers.

You will see many sculptures of  saints before you reach the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Birhen sa Lindogon" as they call it.

It's a big place and you can bring the whole family. Aside from vacation and pleasure, it is also a place where you can pray and ask for guidance.


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  2. Im in SANTANDER CEBU visiting and today I had the opportunity to visit and pray at this beautiful structure. The monks and sisters were very nice. I bought gifts and souvenirs which were all Blessed with holy water. The weather gets so hot so we left Santander at 6am. The shrine opens at 8am. No, we didnt forget our payong (umbrella) to block the blazing sun thank goodness. A must...we cannot wear shorts or tanks or tube tops or any provocative belly- showing attire out of dear respect to the shrine and monks. Also, shoes must be OFF upon entering the beautiful building. Stairs up to virgin mary was long and steep however, we were distracted by the beauty of our surroundings. I enjoyed it and left there with an open heart and peace.

  3. That's a good experience Jeannette. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  4. I was there on last January 2013, one of my friends brought me on a beautiful and solemn place that what we called 'Birhen sa Simala" was an amazing experience and such a wonderful. We we are planning to come back maybe this months.. gudluck to us!

  5. My friends & I were able to visit the sacred place known as "Birhen sa Simala" with a newly-ordained priest who acted as our guide. We started early from Marigondon City early morning on August 23 and after a two-hour drive we had a sweeping view of the whole area where the monastery stood. At the entrance we met hordes of pilgrims in whispers standing in awe at the wide expanse, of that centuries-old architecture and design as the repository of sacred images of the Bl. Virgin Mary.
    I am glad i was able to go and pray inside the church, view all the icons of the Virgin enclosed in glass panels side by side, as we went up the stairs wooden etched with artistic design and panels. It was indeed uplifting and conducive to meditation and soul-searching, away from the dust and noise of the city or from the madding crowd. This holy edifice will go down in history as the home of the Bl. Virgin where we can pray in silence and have direct contact with the Almighty.

  6. Hi, any input how to get there by public transport? Me & my family will be going there this coming Dec 24.

  7. I wanted to go there dis summer... may i know how long it will take if we are from Gibitngil island?

  8. To reach Simala using public transportation is easy and cheap. In Cebu City, you can take a bus from Cebu South Terminal and bus going to Bato-Oslob or you can go to City Link and take a V-hire for Sibonga, both are good and just tell the conductor that you are going to Simala. They will drop you in the corner of the street and but you have to take a motorcycle or habal-habal that will take you to the shrine. You can walk but it is still far - so better commute. The road is good. Fare from Cebu City is PhP 100.00 one way and I think it was 5.00 pesos each to the shrine. Be early to leave Cebu City. Best is 5:00 a.m. so, the queue is short.

  9. My wife and her family from Lapu-Lapu visited last week to this incredible Holy place of miracles and meditation and prayer. Took countless photos of the surrounding architecture built, as well as being built. The history tells of the original monk or priest being told to build and continue building to receive miracles continued… it is obvious God honored this command! We toured the area and then stood in long procession to enter inside and removed our shoes in respect. Then walked through a very majestic place to reach Our Lady. Left rose and contributed alms as we wrote our prayer and left with nuns. Kissed Our Lady’s feet and prayed and continued outside. I’ll never forget this place or the experience as long as I live. Thank you Lord for blessing my wife and I so beautifully!!!!

    1. To whoever wrote the original article here… I suggest you revisit this haven of peace, as it was so much more breathtaking and spiritual than this article conveyed. As I wrote this reply it dawned on me that it may be impossible to actually report on this place giving it proper dedication as the place is changing and evolving more beautiful and majestic daily. Either way, you and all your readers owe it to yourselves to visit Her again:)