Why Moalboal Cebu this Summer?

Moalboal is located 89 kilometres (55 mi) from Cebu City, about 2.5 hours by bus. The most popular beach resort that are very affordable is the White Beach or "Bas Daku". With creamy white sand and large area to swim, you will enjoy and have a rest from your problems. You can acquire a mall nipa hut if you wanted to stay there all night by 1,500 pesos.

There are also small stores that sell souvenirs like t-shirt and many more. You can enjoy the rest of the day by swimming or boating. Bas Daku is one of the most affordable beach resort in Cebu, If you imagine Boracay will then you may consider Moalboal White Beach as sister of it.

Me and my friends were there for swimming and it was an experienced I will never forget. At night we're having story telling and jokes. I consider it building relationship with each one of us. If you're not yet visited the place will think about it.

Have fun this summer, Enjoy life to the Fullest

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  1. tama.. sakto jud moalboal is like boracay because sa ilang sand, Creamy..

  2. Wow! What an fantastic place. I would love to visit this place!

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