Modern Lupang Hinirang: The Philippine National Anthem - Animated for Independence Day

This is the video of Animation of Modern Lupang Hinirang: The National Anthem of the Philippines

Artist Arnold Arre and Radioactive Sago Project have collaborated on an animated video of "Lupang Hinirang", which was released in time for Philippine Independence Day.

The video, animated and directed by Arre, depicts Katipuneros charging across the battlefield during the Philippine Revolution, and Filipino soldiers during World War II. It also shows farmers tilling the fields at the foot of a mountain.

The 1:38-long video is a project by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Rock Ed Radio and is their gift "to all Filipinos to mark the nation's 114th Independence Day."

NHCP and Rock Ed Radio have made the video available for use in public ceremonies.

"If your school, corporation, event, company, family, would like to use this video, we only request that you do so with the proper nod to the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines and that you acknowledge the artists involved in the production of this video. If user of this video is found not abiding by the Heraldic Law, kindly report to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines for proper action," Rock Ed Radio said.

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