Adventure at Panglao Island, Bohol - Alona Beach Resort

Adventure at Panglao Island, Bohol - Alona Beach Resort
Panglao Island is a nice place to go. With its white creamy sand, you will really enjoy swimming. Alona beach  resort is a very long beach  with clear crystal water located at Tawala, Panglao Bohol. 

How to get into Panglao Bohol
If you are in Tagbilaran Port you can find many vans offering a tour or else to Panglao for about 500+ Pesos. But if you are in tight budget you can ride tricycle going to Cathedral Tagbilaran Church for 10peso fare and from there you can ride jeepneys going to Alona for 25pesos. Just say the driver that you are bound to Alona beach.

Inside Alona beach resorts, you can find many resorts and hotels to stay and you can avail their different types of aminities. For those who are in tight budget, there are still cheap hotels to stay in for about 800 pesos good for two and 2000+ pesos good for the entire family. 

If you are not in a tight budget and you have a lot of extra money. You can stay at the high-class resorts with   very nice amenities and swimming pool. One advice is "Just be wise in choosing".

During nighttime there are many buffets that are offered for about 450 pesos per head. You can enjoy very romantic moment with you partner or with your family. There are fire dancing, some are having harana, bands and more. But you can still enjoy the night without availing the buffet, hence it is an open beach you can still see all the stuffs, bands and even fire dancing for free. By the way, buffets may only be offer during Saturdays and Sundays. (changes of schedule without public notice.) 

Tip of advice: Stores in the area are much expensive than you are expected, so be ready to spent money when you buy goods in Panglao.

Some people can compare Panglao Island to Boracay. If you've been in both place then you can say the difference between the two. The most important thing is you will enjoy your stay in the beach and resorts.

Its more fun in the Philippines


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  1. im planning to go to Panglao next year.. on my birthday :) been bohol twice but never to Panglao.. im going next year!

  2. Panglao is very nice.. with its powder sand, you will really enjoy staying there jenny..

  3. Panglao is the best

  4. I've been there in Panglao Alona and its very nice