Heading to Boracay, Philippines? Try travel via Ferry - Its Cheaper yet Elegant

BORACAY ISLAND – Exploring the Philippines can be a costly endeavor for wanderlust Pinoys and even tourists.
Take the case of visiting Boracay. The typical off-peak airfare rate values at around P3,000 to P4,000 one-way and goes higher during the summer season.
The rest becomes a challenge for every budget traveler when you include food, lodging and all other expenses in between.
However, if you’re looking for an alternative without much of the extra hassle, perhaps traveling by sea could be an option worth exploring.
It’s true that the entire journey can be really long and those prone to seasickness would reject the idea at an instant.
But having traveled on a ferry via 2GO Travel for the first time made me realize a few perks contrary to how we often perceive the experience would be like.
A redefined ambiance. As a merger of established brands like Negros Navigation and Superferry, 2GO Travel is raring to give tourists an experience veered away from what we commonly know of a sailing trip.
The lobby of its three-decked vessel is designed similar to that of a boutique hotel - air-conditioned and furnished with plush seats and flat-screen televisions where guests can laze around.
The loft area is more fitted for those who wish to watch a movie, read a book or simply enjoy a view of the sunset by the sea.
There’s also an al fresco bar located at the second deck. You can either enjoy the music from the in-house band or just sit at the lounge chairs and lose yourself to the starry night sky.
More than just bunk beds. You get to choose five types of accommodation with 2GO, each catering for the budget to high-end travelers.
The double bunk beds are classified under the Super Value (non-air conditioned) and Mega Value (air-conditioned) all equipped with a common washroom.
Couples or groups who have a little more cash to spare can opt for the Cabin and Tourist sections. Each has a private bathroom, cable television and complimentary linens.
You can go all out with the State rooms for that luxurious staycation vibe for two.
Great value for the budget traveler. Pricing at 2GO is fairly competitive considering the above-average amenities and wide-array of accommodation choices.
A one-way ticket to Caticlan Jetty Port under the Super Value or Tourist Class accommodation starts at as low as P460 inclusive of meals, linen and insurance fees.
They also offer packages for student ‘barkada’ or corporate groups of 10 which cover cruise fares, on-site hotel accommodation and land and boat transfers.

Apart from Caticlan, 2GO also sails to other tourist destinations including Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo and Puerto Princesa, to name a few.
We have grown accustomed to traveling by plane perhaps because it’s quicker and also deemed a safer mode of transport for others.
But the almost ten-hour transit in a cruise-like milieu can serve as a nice prelude to that vacation on the beach you’ve been saving up for.
Top the entire experience with the family or your group of friends, and the long hours will surely pass like a blur.

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  1. How was the food? I know it says they have first class and economy dinning, is the food the same or different?

  2. Food is very delicious there. We are heading there this coming December.

  3. I'll try 2go, I think it's a good bonding time with friends and family during the travel. keep posting.

    granton world