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What to Pack for your Vacation to Cebu

Cebu, the beautiful Philippine province affectionately known as the Queen City of the South, attracts a
variety of tourists every year. With gorgeous views, fun adventures and delicious food, Cebu serves as
the perfect vacation destination for your next getaway. Prepare for your trip by packing a few necessities.

Clothing and Footwear

In Cebu’s tropical climate, the temperature can change quickly. With a variety of clothing choices, you
stay comfortable whether you’re relaxing, dining or hiking.

Pack comfortable, lightweight, cotton clothing like shorts, jeans and shirts. Sturdy sandals give your feet
all day comfort as you explore the island. If you want to go out at night, consider bringing a dressier
outfit and a light jacket.

If you love the beach or want to hang out on the water, sunglasses are essential. Likewise, a cover-up
or large towel, swimsuit and flip-flops allow you to feel more comfortable as you enjoy the clear water of
the Pacific Ocean.

Avoid bringing unnecessary items that will make travel slow and difficult. Extra clothing and family sized
toiletries can easily be purchased in Cebu. And remember that vacation is fun, so bringing a work-related
item such as estimating software or a laptop may take away from your enjoyment of this once-in-a-
lifetime trip. And let loose, you’re not going to be driving your American classic muscle car around, so
stop thinking about the 1982 Mustang Parts you need to buy.

Toiletries and Medicine

In addition to personal hygiene items, you’ll need a medical kit. While you will be able to buy these
items in Cebu, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. In a waterproof bag, pack sunscreen, bug spray, a first
aid kit, diarrhea pills, antacid, aspirin, anti-itch cream, your prescription medicines and an extra pair of
prescription glasses. Follow airline guidelines to be sure your containers and any liquids you pack are
allowed on board.

Amenities and Sightseeing Gear

Bring home vacation memories when you pack your camera. Include extra batteries and a spare memory
card. If you plan to snorkel, purchase a disposable, waterproof camera to capture amazing underwater

Other essential gear includes a portable flashlight with extra batteries and a cellphone with adaptable
charger. Additionally, consider packing a small umbrella, a handbag and a hat for comfort.

Documents and Passports

For safety, pack emergency contact numbers. Your emergency contact at home, embassy in the
Philippines and travel agent should be at the top of the list. Likewise, consider including the name and
address of your hotel as well as the airline phone number and flight number.

Store a copy of your important travel papers, identification and prescription medications in your locked
suitcase or hidden compartment. These copies make replacement easier in case the originals are stolen
or damaged.

Now that you’re all packed, prepare to discover the beautiful scenery and friendly people as you enjoy
your vacation in Cebu.

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