Bohol, Philippines among 1 of the Best Out of Places in the World by BudgetTravel

The Chocolate Hills, The Philippines
(Photo: Olga Khoroshunova / of Top 10 out of places in the WorldLocal lore has it that the mounds on the Philippine island of Bohol were formed from the tears of a giant who fell in love with a local girl. The scientific reason behind the formation of the limestone hills is likely far less romantic (though geologists have not been able to reach a conclusion on the hills' origin). Alas, this is not a Willy Wonka paradise. The name comes from the brown color of the mounds in the winter. If you go in the summer, they will be a vibrant green. Either way, the more than 1,200 conical hills, which vary between around 100 and almost 40 feet high, are a site to behold.

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