Cebu Pacific Air: Fun Flights in the Philippines and Internationally

Cebu Pacific Air: Fun Flights in the Philippines and Internationally

Cebu Pacific Air, founded in 1996, is named after the capital city and the island province in the
Philippines. The owners knew that choosing this old name was a way to pique interest and
command respect.

From the very beginning the owners made it clear that they weren’t taking themselves too
seriously, boasting that they had a great deal for “every Juan.” Filipinos were charmed by the
idea of local flights at great values, and within five years, the company decided to expand.

Cebu Pacific Air Goes International

In November of 2001, Cebu Pacific Air started offering international flights to locations such as
Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Taipei.

The company currently claims a fleet of 38 planes comprised of 30 Airbuses and 8 ATR 72-500
aircraft. Not only do they boast one of the largest Philippine-based fleets, they also boast the
youngest. Many of the aircraft were constructed especially for Cebu.

Furthermore, in a world where airport waits are often shockingly long, Cebu notes that, in
September of 2012, its planes were on schedule 92.5 percent of the time.


Besides offering flights at rates that “any Juan” can afford, Cebu Pacific Air also partners
with other services such as hotels, car rental companies, tickets for entertainment and travel
insurance so that a customer can plan his or her entire trip without ever having to leave the Cebu

The airline also offers online flight status checks and web check-ins. Bags don’t fly free,
unfortunately, but tourists can save 20 percent of the bag fee by paying for their bags online in
advance of their flights.

Fun Flights

An airplane trip is usually the first step to kicking off a vacation. At a time when people should be
relaxing and preparing to have the time of their life, however, many are stressed by the realities
of air travel — grim-faced flight attendants, annoying seatmates, boring hours spent in the air
and being herded on and off planes like so many cattle. Whether you’re dealing in  contractor software or brain surgery, that doesn’t sound like a promising beginning.

Cebu Pacific Air decided they wanted their flights to be a little more enjoyable, so they introduced
fun flights. Fun flights involve bonding games, humor and their well-known inflight magazine,
Smile. As a result, vacationers arrive at their destinations in a good mood, ready to enjoy

Whether your travel is limited to the Philippines or includes an array of international destinations,
give Cebu Pacific Air a chance to make your flight easy and comfortable. And don’t forget to use
Cebu’s site to check out great deals on hotel rates, car rentals and local events.

Have a great vacation!

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