Chill out at Haruhay Dream Resort in Mactan Island Cebu

Philippines, Visayas Cebu, Mactan Island - chill out at Haruhay Dream Resort
Haruhay means chill out. Which paradise you know that offers you that kind of variarities and opportunities like the Philippines? You like to find your future wife? You want to retire in the warmth and comfortness of a tropical Island? You want to start a new life or business? You like adventures? You like diving? You like to relax your soul at white beaches?
If you answered one of the above Questions with "yes", then you should grab your gears and visit the Philippines. Our Haruhay Dream Resort, offers clean, airconditioned rooms at affordable room rates just like bed and breakfast. Swimming pool, Tennis court and so much more - check it out right now.
Evelyn and Wolfgang Pichler

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