Chocolate Hills in Carmen Bohol, Philippines - Vacation Trip

Chocolate Hills in Carmen Bohol, Philippines is one of the most popular and marvelous place that tourists visited. With its extravagant chocolate like formation, you will really be amazed. Chocolate Hills was included many times by local and international magazines as best tourists destination in the Philippines and in the whole world. 

How to get to Chocolate Hills in Carmen Bohol?
After you arrive in seaport or airport in Bohol, you can rent a van and get a tour-package including in Chocolate Hills for 2500 - 3000 Pesos. But if you are in a tight-budget then you can go to the bus terminal or ride a bus going to Carmen. Remember, it is difficult to "commute" since there are only limited buses in the  area and its departure is hourly and it is difficult also to go back home [Tagbilaran City]. When you arrive in Carmen Bohol someone will collect 100 -150 Pesos as an entrace fee.

What to bring?
You bring enough foods because it's an hour or more travel from port to Carmen.

Enjoy your vacation at Chocolate Hills in Carmen Bohol, Philippines


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