Beauty of Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes Island Cebu

Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes Island Cebu - Mangodlong Rock Resort is popular in Camotes Island because of its beautiful beach and amazing views. Mangodlong Rock Resort is located in the municipality of San Francisco, Camotes Cebu. White sand and a very relaxing private place to stay. Nakakawala ng stress kapag nagstay ka sa Mangodlong Rock Resort.

How to get to Mangodlong Rock Resort
From Consuelo Camotes Port, you can ride a multicab with a fare of 50 Pesos per head or if your alone or two you can ride motorcycle or habal2x (fare is 150 - 200 Pesos). There are no PUJ in the island.  If you're a group and planning to take a tour inside Camotes, better to choose multicab and ask the driver to take you on a tour. Price is 1500 Pesos per tour or more.

Camotes Tour Inside San Francisco Only - Price is 1500 Pesos
Mangodlong Rock Resort
Lake Danao Park
Timubo Cave
San Francisco Baywalk

Another tour will lead you to Bukilat Cave. It's another tour because Bukilat cave of Tudelo is far from San Francisco and will travel about an hour. Still you can visit Bukilat cave but you have to add your rental.

Enjoy Mangodlong Rock Resort, enjoy Camotes Island Cebu


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