14 Things You May Not Know About Cebu

Cebu is one of the world’s most interesting, most versatile and most underrated tourist attractions. From the beautiful beaches andthe stirring history to the wide number of intellectuals living there, it’s a place that keeps on surprising even those who think they know it best.
Whether you’re a first-time tourist or a veteran of many travels to the Philippines, here are 12 things you may not know about Cebu.
First, Some Background
1. It has dozens of islands. No wonder Cebu is known for its beaches; there are tons of them. With 168 different islands, Cebu is a bastion of blue water and soft sand.
2. It’s the Philippines’s No. 1 tourist spot.No other destination in the country is as popular.
Colleges and Academics
3. It has the oldest university in Asia.The University of San Carlos was founded in 1595.
4. The roots of that university are not in the Philippines, actually;San Carlos was founded by the Spaniards.
Amazing History
5. Cebu boasts the country’s oldest street. Colon Street, named for Christopher Columbus, is also referred to as the shortest street in the Philippines.
6. Ferdinand Magellan landed in Cebu in 1521. Alas, his journey did not end well. He was killed by local villagers, and many of his sailors later left after the natives poisoned them.
7. Cebu City was not chartered until 1937. Yes, even though it’s long been the Philippines’s second-mostpopulous city.
8. During World War II, Cebu City was occupied by Japanese soldiers. It wasn’t liberated until 1945.
Cultural Influence
9. It’s a hub for a number of businesses. Want to buy furniture? Need business processing services? Cebu is the place to look. In addition to being a tourist destination, it also hostsa number of local industries.
10. It wasn’t always called Cebu. Just as alcoholrehab treatment centers and hospitals sometimes change names, Cebu was previously called Zubu or Sugbo.
11. It’s a Catholic stronghold. The vast majority of Cebu residents are Roman Catholic, and the oldest Christian image in the Philippines, the Holy Child of Cebu, is enshrined in the country’s Basilica of Santo NiƱo.
Island Influence
12. About 80 percent of the Philippines’s domestic and international shipping operators and shipbuilders are based in Cebu. Of course, its easy access to water is a major factor in this.
13. It’s home to an influential pop duo. Iyan Myk and Eydriyan were born in Cebu, and they credit their success to growing up in the province.

14. There’s a major festival each year in January. On the third Sunday of the month, a feast is held in honor of Lord Holy Child of Cebu and Magellan. It’s called Sinulog. 

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