Petition to protect 154 Century-Old Trees in Naga-Carcar Cebu Road

A petitions has been filed in to stop cutting and save century-old trees in Naga to Carcar Cebu, Philippines for road widening. Signatures of the people who cares for the trees are needed to save these 154 trees. Many loves to passed through this gigantic trees which also protect thousands of lives. Help Protect These Trees. Sign Here in
The Naga-Carcar road widening project puts the 154 trees along the 3.1 kilometer highway from Naga City to Carcar City, south of Cebu.
These trees were planted at the turn of the century, ordered by then Cebu Governor Dionesio Jakosalem.
We are all aware  of the importance of the trees in our ecology.
These trees had been the mute witness of Cebu's History and Development.
 Our Prayers to the Honorable Sectaries, please spare these trees for our childrens sake.

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