Virgin Mary of Alcantara Cebu Miracle - Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Facing Right

Cebu, Philippines - Virgin Mary (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary) in Alcantara, Cebu has said moves head facing right, miracle said by devotees. The Virgin Mary is said now facing Bohol who was badly affected by 7.2 Earthquake last October 15.

Hundreds of devotees went to St. Augustine Parish Church in Poblacion, Alcantara, Cebu to witness the image of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary after it moved its head to the right, facing Bohol. Russell Guardiana, 21, presidente of Parish Youth Coordinating Council said that this was the second time Virgin Mary moved its head, first was on October 15 during the 7.2 earthquake in Bohol but it moved back its head to normal the next day. The Catholic officials will still to verify and will give the official statement on what happened to the image of Holy Rosary whether it's a miracle or not.The St. Augustine Parish acquired the image of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in the 1980s.

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