Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) stronger than Typhoon Ruping - Hit Philippines by Friday

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) stronger than Typhoon Ruping to hit Philippines by early Friday November 8, 2013. Typhoon Yolanda is stronger than typhoon Ruping (Mike) with 300KPH winds compare to 205KPH of Ruping. Once Haiyan will landfall in Visayas, it will be the most destructive typhoon to hit Philippines this year. It was remembered that super typhoon Ruping (Mike) hit Visayas November 12, 1990 that destroyed many properties and over 748 people were killed, no electricity for month, sinking 88 vessels including 4 navy ships in Cebu making Ruping the most destructive typhoon in the Philippines since typhoon Ike in 1984 that killed more than 1000 people. Typhoon Ruping costs more than 11 Billion Pesos, more than 1 Billion Pesos in Cebu alone.

People who will be affected by the super typhoon advised to be alert and prepare for the possible destruction by Haiyan. Several weather agencies including US Navy Weather Center warns Philippines and said Haiyan will be having strength of 300KPH (165 knots). Several people now stocking foods, water and flashlights for the coming of super typhoon Yolanda. 

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