Philippines among Top 20 Destination for 2014 by Telegraph

Philippines among the top 20 destination for 2014 by Telegraph, British newspaper included Philippines in their elite list of Top 20 Destination for 2014.

The Philippines (Telegraph statement)
The Philippines made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the autumn when Typhoon Yolanda – the biggest storm in history – brought devastation to the country. So why go this year? Not just as a vote of sympathy. The archipelago is made for island-hopping between sugary beaches that receive far fewer tourists than they should.
Here’s some of The Telegraph’s List:
  • Glasgow in Scotland
  • Matera and Egadi in Italy
  • Bordeaux in France
  • Jerusalem
  • Charleston in the United States
  • Chengdu in China
  • Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia
  • Sumatra in Indonesia
  • Alacati in Turkey
  • Canouan in The Caribbean
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Kashmir and the Ganges in India
  • El Salvador
  • Iran
  • Stewart Island in New Zealand
  • Darwin in Australia
  • Red Mountain in Canada.

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