Coastal Road from Danao to Carcar City, Cebu worth 80 million

Coastal Road from Danao to Carcar City Cebu worth 80 million pesos. Government is eyeing for extended road linking from Danao City, Cebu to Carcar City. This project will give comfortable pass because according to analysts, Cebu must have wider roads.

DPWH greenlights P80 million  study for  widening coastal road links between Danao and Carcar cities.

An P80 million study will look into the  viability of widening existing road networks in Metro Cebu’s coastal areas.
The study, commissioned by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Central Visayas  will also explore the  construction of  underpasses  or tunnels in lieu of road widening, said Leah Negre, an engineer at the planning and design division of the DPWH-7.
“We are trying to link roads in the south and north.  But the study will focus especially  on road systems along the coastal corridor that will have to be widened.  It will look at the most effective routes,” Negre told Cebu Daily News yesterday.
The underpass proposal could also be incorporated in the Cebu Circumferential Road Project under the Metro Cebu Development Project (MCDP) 3. The Japanese loan-funded  MCDP 3 included  the South Road Properties (SRP) and the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR).
The  Cebu Circumferential Road Project was the third road link but was never implemented. DPWH Regional Director Ador Canlas met on Saturday with Cebu City officials and SRP locators – Filinvest Land Inc. and SM Prime Holdings Inc. to discuss growth plans for Cebu, including a  plan to widen the Mambaling access of the SRP.
City Hall was represented by  OIC city engineer Jose Marie Poblete, Councilor Dave Tumulak, SRP manager Roberto “Bu” Varquez and officials of the Cebu City Integrated Traffic Operations Management (Citom).
Negre said  the P80 millionfeasibility study will check the viability of linking existing road networks along the coast  from Danao City in northern Cebu to Carcar City in the south. It will also look into the proposal of former Cebu City Rep. Tomas Osmeña to build a tunnel or underpass  along Sergio Osmeña Road in the Reclamation Area and  to convert the national highway that connects the SRP tunnel into a freeway.
Lito de Dios of the consultancy firm Cedco Inc. presented the scope of their study. Negre told CDN  the conduct of the feasibility study was bidded out last December and was awarded to Cedco. Cedco has one year to conduct the study of the planned road widening project. The study will determine which road networks can be linked,  how much this will cost and how long it will take to implement.
“Since we are now preparing for the 2015 budget, the budget for the road project may be include in the 2016 budget yet,” Negre said. Referring to Cedco’s presentation, Varquez said  the  firm is looking at the possibility of expanding the Mambaling access road of the SRP from four lanes to six or eight lanes.
This would cut at least one hectare of the 26 hectare Lot 8-B of the SRP where the San Pedro Calungsod templete is  located. Cebu City is offering the property for sale. The  largely vacant tract of land is a potential venue for the 2016 International Eucharistic Congress.
Varquez said that the city government will have to give up at least seven meters for two additional road  lanes on the right side of the Mambaling access road if the study recommends a six-lane road. An even bigger area of 14 meters will have to be set aside if Cedco says that the Mambaling access road has to be  widened to eight lanes in order to have four lanes on each side.
“That (road widening) is necessary because when there’s traffic congestion, the city has a big problem,” said Varquez. Varquez said DPWH would have a hard time acquiring properties on the left side of the Mambaling access road for expansion because this is being developed by SM for its Seaside City project.
Councilor Tumulak said Cedco is looking into the possibility of putting up an underpass on the left lane of the Mambaling access road instead of adding two more lanes to widen it. The underpass will allow a left turn to the CSCR seaside lane headed towards  Cebu City Hall  without disturbing traffic flow on the CSCR’s right lane that goes to Talisay City.
For this to happen, the city government will have to donate the Mambaling access road to the national government before DPWH can work on  any expansion. Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama said he was open to donating the road “for as long as it (the project) will create sufficient mobility to address the choke points.
” He said he welcomes any move by DPWH to  consider  the widening of N. Bacalso Avenue, the city’s south corridor which is getting more congested with two new department stores in the area. Tumulak said any donation of land would require City Council approval. (Cebu Daily News)

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