Medellin, Cebu - Funtastic Gibitngil Island Adventure

Funtastic Gibitngil Island, Medellin Cebu
Medellin, Cebu - Funtastic Gibitngil Island Adventure

It's another time for adventure and this time we're going to take off to Funtastic Gibitngil Island, Medellin CebuGibitngil Island is located in northern part of Cebu travelling 3 hours from Cebu City. Its fantastic views and amazing island will overwhelm your sense "Mangurog mo sa kanindot sa place. :)".  Gibitngil Island in Medellin has its very clear water, nice island formation and friendly staff. Prepare your camera as you travel and witness the marvelous place in Medellin.

How to get to Gibitngil Island, Medellin Cebu

From Cebu City you ride a jeep going to North Bus Terminal (NBT). From NBT you can ride a bus going to Medellin that's next to Bogo City with 3 hours travel from terminal. 150 Pesos fare for Ceres Air-Conditioned Bus while 145 Pesos for Non-Aircon Bus (Prices are subject to change in any time without prior notice) . Just tell the bus conductor you're bound to Gibitngil Island Medellin so that they will drop you off to Barangay Kawit. From Barangay Kawit you can rent a boat costing 1,500 pesos good for 20 persons going to Gibitngil Island or you can just ask assistance from the residence since they are very friendly people. You can call coast guard 2362031.

From Barangay Kawit, it's half an hour travel going to Gibitngil Island. Prepare your cameras as you see the marvelous place and so that you can gather photos as a remembrance for a spectacular Funtastic Island. 

These are the prices of entrance fee, cottages and extra-fun services

Entrance Fee is 10 Pesos per person

Small Cottage A - 50 Pesos
Small Cottage B - 75 Pesos
Small Cottage C - 150 Pesos
Medium Kiosk with Diving Board - 200 Pesos
Medium Cottage with Grilling Area - 200 Pesos
Big Kiosk - 250 Pesos

 is 150 Pesos per hour

 50 Pesos per ride
(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Important Tips and Reminders:
* No rooms for accommodation specially overnight staying. You can stay overnight using tent or cottages (other rates applied).
* No fastfood chains and restaurants in the island (maybe soon) so you have to prepare and bring your own foods. Make it more than enough.
* To enjoy more, you have to bring extra money to rent their extra-fun services like kayaking and ziplining.
* Finally, don't leave your valuables unattended, even if it's an island you must still have to secure your valuable items like gadgets and money.

Enjoy Funtastic Gibitngil Island, Medellin Cebu. Have a good trip and vacation. :) :)

Prices may change without prior notice.

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