Welcome to Bantayan Island, Cebu - Beach and Resorts

Welcome to Bantayan Island, Cebu - Beach and Resorts

Bantayan island is one of cebu's not so best kept secret. it is located off the northwest of cebu mainland. the island is still not that developed if you compare it to the sprawling island of boracay and bohol so it is definitely not overcrowded and over priced so this place is definitely for people looking for a great beach like boracay but hates the crowd and noise of the island and just want a total relaxation. aside from being a great beach destination the island is also consider as a lenten destination for catholics devotee during the holy week people gather in the town center of the island to witness one of the most solemn holy week procession in the country so reservation to the island during this period is a must. the town of bantayan is also known for its mouth watering dried fish and freshly catch seafoods like squids,lobsters and crabs. and also the island is rich in history and other natural wonders some of the oldest churches in the visaya is situated in the island. now i think thats just enough reason for you to visit the island great beaches great food and i forgot to mention bantayanons are simple hearted and friendly...

Getting There:

To get to bantayan you can take a 30 mins plane ride from cebu city mactan airport via SEA Air(temporary suspended) or you can go by land by taking a bus at north cebu bus terminal traveling by land may take 2 to 3 hours to hagnaya and then take a ferry boat from hagnaya to sta fe where most of the beautiful beach of bantayan is located.

Where To Stay:

Marlins Beach ResortPrices: US$20-40
Address: Santa Fe

Kota Beach ResortPrices: US$20-40
Address: Santa Fe
Contacts: (63)32- 4196135, (63)32-4389042

Budong Beach ResortPrices: Less Than $20
Address: Santa Fe
Contacts: (63)32-4389040

St. Bernard Beach Resort
Prices: 40 to 80$
Address: Santa Fe

Sugar Beach Resort
Prices: Less Than $20
Address: Santa Fe

Photo Gallery Of Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island





Old Churches




Marlins Beach Resort

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