Azul Tuslob Buwa in Cebu City - Best Cheap Delicious

Tuslob Buwa are now very popular in Cebu specially for those whose habits are eating.Well, Azul offers you popular food "Tuslob Buwa" in Cebu, City. They've got friendly personnel, clean area and complete recipes. Tuslob buwa is composed of hipon, liver, and this what they call "Utok" daw. hehehe (I really don't know unsa to). I've been there with my friends coz we're very curious on how delicious tuslob buwa is and we found out that "lami jud kaayo ang tuslob buwa sa Azul, I don't know sa uban eatery". :) :)

One order of Tuslob Buwa in Azul costs 99 Pesos and it's good for 3-4 persons. It has a set of tuslob buwa and 12pcs of puso (pero gagmay lang mao nga need mo moorder og lain nga puso if 3-4 persons mo). Azul does not only offers tuslob buwa but also offers foods like friend chicken, ngohiong and liquors (inig human kaon kay pwede ra magtagay.)
Above image is the sitemap of Azul - Tuslob Buwa. Try tuslob buwa in Azul and you will be amazed coz' its really delicious.

By the way, there are also eatery offers tuslob buwa but we haven't tried. Based on our research nga ang tuslob buwa sa first offered in Pasil or Carbon and then many eatery offers it now.

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  1. Curious sad ko ani.. dugay nako nakadungog ani but wa jud ko katilaw.. Soon

  2. Murag lami jud ni dah! kay mao man pud ni giingon sa akong mga kauban. Try nya ni nako beh!