Trip to Osmena Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

In this article we will give you information about trip to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu traverse to Kawasan Falls in Badian. Osmena Peak is the highest peak in Cebu, Philippines and a tourists destination. The most amazing things you can see when you're at the top of the peak are the mountains, landscapes and the views. For the other vacationists called it a place where you can think and forget all your problems.

It's not that easy to reach Osmena Peak because you will have to climb mountain before you reach the place. Our trip to Osmena Peak with my friends were very challenging because we've started walking from Mantalungon Public Market. It's about 1-2 hours before we reached Osmena Peak but there are habal-habal or motorcycles that can reach the "Tiilan" which is already near to the peak and camp sites. Expect the cold weather when you're at the top and the fogs will cover the place which sometimes there's zero visibility.

The next day, early morning  we ate our breakfast and packed our things for the journey to Kawasan Falls. Somebody told us the difficulties and challenges travelling to Kawasan because we have to climb many mountains following thin trail with a cliff at the other side, we have to walk for about 5-6 hours non-stop and face our fears at the middle of the jungle where no one will help you when you're in trouble. We've started walking around 7am from Osmena Peak and we reached Kawasan Falls around 12nn so it's 5 hours trip. What I have learned from the trip were perseverance, patience, keep positive and stay strong. I have to keep my feet move eventhough it's too tired already.

How do we get to Osmena Peak from Cebu City? How much money do we need to bring?
Well, it's not that expensive and you don't need to bring plenty of money because there are no stores in the place. Actually, there are two options going to Osmena Peak.

First Option:
From Cebu City you ride a bus going to Dalaguete proper. The fare is 100 - 120 pesos. When you reach Dalaguete town, you will ride motorcycle or habal-habal going to "Tiilan" for a fare of 100 Pesos. From "Tiilan" you need to have a guide going to the peak, a child and you can give him a money (100 pesos).

Second Option:
You can ride a bus going directly to Mantalungon Market but you have to go to Carbon Public Market in Cebu City (hourly trip). From Carbon Public Market going to Mantalungon Public Market, the fare is 100 Pesos. You will ride a motorcycle from Public Market going to Tiilan for 50 Pesos. Then have a guide going to Osmena Peak (100 pesos).

Bring enough food and water. Bring extra Money. Bring trashbags
Bring sweater for cold weather protection
Bring Chocolates and snacks
Bring extra shirts but you have to travel light.
Bring camping tents
Lastly, bring a Camera to capture you moments :D :D :D

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