10 Favorite Street Foods in Cebu You Must Try - Nakatilaw Namo Ani?

Ten favorite street foods in Cebu that you must try. These street foods are very popular in Cebu and the best solution to relieve your hunger. Aside from cheap these foods are totally delicious.

"If naglakaw-lakaw mo sa Cebu specially sa Colon then nakasugat namo ani nga mga pagkaon. If wala pamo nakatilaw then you must try some kay dili jud mo magmahay if mokaon ani. Barato na then Lami pajud."

10 Street Foods that you must try when you're in Cebu

1. Kwek-kwek or Toknining

2. Balut

3. Tempura

4. Saging Pinaypay (Maruya)

5. Banana cue

6. Saang (Shell)

7. Mangga with Bagoong

8. Siomai

9. Ngohiong

10. Sweet Corn (Mais)

These street foods also can also be found in different part of the country (Philippines). Alternative foods for your cheap budget.

Unsay paborito ninyo ani nga mga street food?

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