White Crow Found in Lanao, Philippines - Viral Video, Real or Fake?

White crow found in Lanao del Norte, Philippines and its video became viral and popular online.  The white crow was found in Maranding, Lanao del Norte and it was identified as albino version of a crow.

Almost all crows are black and it is rare to see white crow according to experts. This white crow is a once in a million discovery specially that it's found in the Philippines. But it is not yet official confirmed that the bird in the video is really a white crow or it is another type of bird.

Maputing Uwak sa Pilipinas na diskubre

Puting Uwak/White crow — at Maranding, Lala, Lanao del Norte. Feb, 2012.

According to information of the video, a certain Freddie C. Puerto uploaded it in his fb account.

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