Cebu Takes the World's Largest Zumba Class - Guinness World Record [VIDEO]

Cebu, Philippines is now the new Guinness World Record holder for World's largest zumba class.
Headed by the Zumba Instructors Network (ZIN) of Cebu, participants from all walks of life joined together on Saturday to beat India's world record.

A total of 8,232 participants from all over Visayas turned up for the event, beating India's 2012 record for the largest Zumba class with more than 6,600 participants.

Aside from the new world record, the participants also tried to break another record, this time for the largest pink ribbon formation, which also belongs to India.

The pink ribbon is a symbol for breast cancer awareness.

However, Cebu's 6,611 participants were not enough to break India's record at 6,847 participants.

Cebu Mayor Michael Rama said the event is a very motivational step towards promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle among his constituents.

Part of the proceeds of the event will go to the classroom rehabilitation program for schools in northern Cebu.

source: abscbn news, world news watcher

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