Father Kills 3 Kids, Mother in Law Then Committed Suicide in Catmon, Cebu - Video

Viral News: Father kill his 3 children and his mother in law in Catmon Cebu on October 5, 2014. After killing for family member, he committed suicide.

CEBU – A man committed suicide after he allegedly stabbed dead his three children and mother-in-law in Catmon town located north of this province on Sunday.

Eric Figues, 27, allegedly killed his three children, aged 6, 4, and 2, inside their house in Sitio Manlayag in Barangay Panalipan.

Police said Figues' 6-year-old daughter, Stephanie, was celebrating her birthday at the house of her grandmother, 47-year-old Emilda Molat.

Emilda asked Stephanie to invite her dad and other siblings to celebrate.

The 6-year-old girl, however, did not return with her father and siblings. A scream was then heard, prompting the grandparents to check on their grandchildren's house.

When Emilda opened the door, Figues stabbed her.

Emilda's husband managed to run away and call for help from the neighbors.

However, when Emilda's husband returned, his wife, grandchildren, and Figues were already dead.

The children's mother was not around when the stabbing incident.

She suspects that jealousy drove her husband to kill their children.

source: abscbn

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