Real Jasmine, Lea Salonga Singing Aladdin's Whole New World Song

Viral Video: The Original Jasmine Singing 'A Whole New World' from 'Aladdin' Will Give You Chills - Lea Salonga, a Filipino singer was the one behind the popular themesong of Disney's Aladdin. Lea Salonga duet with Il Divo made the perfect combinations of singin the song. When you hear it you will surely amazed.

Nearly 22 years since the release of Disney's Aladdin, the voice behind Jasmine is still making us want to pop in our worn out VHS, and sing along to the musical magic that is "A Whole New World." In a video posted to YouTube, Tony Award-winning singer and stage actress Lea Salonga doesn't miss a beat in her stellar rendition of the beloved song. (Fun fact: Salonga also was the singing voice of the titular character in Mulan).

The clip, which is a duet with Il Divo, was posted back in April, but the Internet is only getting wind of it now as Salonga is currently at the start of a European tour with the mom-friendly operatic pop group. Now, would someone please get us a magic lamp ASAP so we can rub it and wish for our star-filled tour of Agrabah on a magic carpet ride?


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