Adventure in Tablas Island, Romblon - Peaceful and Amazing Place

Romblon, Philippines offers you great experience and place. It has Bunsoran marine sanctuary, beautiful beach and nature loving views.

Romblon is the kind of place where people have come to bask in serenity and under-the-radar beaches. A good number of foreigners will admit they never intended to live here, but somehow could not bear to leave this bountiful province.

 The municipality of Ferrol is situated in Tablas Island, Romblon. It was baptized after Ferrol in Spain because the Spanish expatriates find it reminiscent of the beautiful bay in Galicia. It is composed of six barangays, one of them is Bunsoran – home to the Bunsoran Marine Sanctuary.
 If you are looking for water activities here, you will be disappointed though. But you can go swimming, free driving or snorkeling (bring your own equipment) to discover the colorful fishes thriving here. I didn’t encounter any turtles though, because I was told one has to swim to the deeper part of the beach. Perhaps it would be helpful if they have facilities in the area if they want to attract more tourists. One can also hike the hills at the far end of the beach for a panoramic view of the surroundings or go spelunking at a cave nearby. You can ask for assistance from the guard of the marine sanctuary to look for a local who can take you to the cave.

Bunsoran Marine Sanctuary may not rival the best beaches in the country, but it sure is a worthy destination to visit – especially if you find yourself in Tablas Island –  if you are looking for some tranquil beach retreat.

How to get there:
Take a ferry bound for Odiongan in TablasIsland, Romblon from Batangas City Port. Ride a jeep en route to Sta.Fe and get off at Ferrol. You can charter a motorcycle to take you to Bunsoran Marine Sanctuary.


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