Have You Tried to Eat Tuyom (Sea Urchin)? - Taste Delicious

This sea urchin or TUYOM in Cebuano is among the most popular seafoods in Cebu. Without cooking you can enjoy eating raw meat of sea urchin but you have to watch of its spines.  To enjoy more eating meat of sea urchin you have to pair it with vinegar with chili and rice.
Is sea urchin or TUYOM venomous? 
There are type of sea urchin that are venomous and not good to eat but there are also sea urchin that can be eaten. The color black sea urchin with the large spines is the one that can be eaten.

In Bisaya Language
Ang tuyom kay usa sa pinaka lami nga pagkaon specially magpicnic daplin sa dagat. There's no need to cook kay ang tuyom is ready to eat plus parisan nimu og bahaw, pwerte jud lamia. For those who haven't tried eating tuyom, tiwali ninyo kay lami jud ni siya.


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