Skin and Bone: Malnourished Boy in Manila Photo Gone Viral

Manila, Philippines - Photo of a malnourished boy child in Manila became viral and popular online. Malnourished boy lying on the ground which photo garnered the attention of online netizens. The photo was taken inside Reception and Action Center (RAC) in Manila.

Thousands of online users in social media sites give their different reactions about the viral photo.

This heart touching photo of a child lying on the ground.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has already summoned the head of the RAC. RAC employees said the malnourished boy is considered an isolated case.

A member of an NGO likened the center to a concentration camp because of the appalling conditions suffered by the children.

source: world news watcher

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  1. Louya pud aning bataa oi! Naunsa nagud ning gobyerno ron ingon nga niasenso ang Pilipinas?...