Dec 3: Typhoon Hagupit Intensifies, Threatens Visayas - Path Track Photos

Updates: These are the photos from different weather forecasts agencies worldwide of strong typhoon Hagupit (Ruby). Hagupit threatens Philippines specially Visayas and other nearby provinces. Typhoon Hagupit packed with winds up to 190kph and gustiness up to 240kph once landfall in Eastern Visayas. 

In December 5, 2014 the accurate direction of the typhoon will be identify. Ruby or Hagupit will and may landfall in Samar and Leyte this December 6, 2014 if not change direction then it will hit Cebu going to Negros and Palawan in December 8, 2014.
Government officials and NDRRMC advised everyone to take necessary precaution and prepare to brace typhoon Ruby. Small fishing boats and fishermans should not go to sea and follow government advice to evacuate.

As of December 3, 2014, the typhoon Hagupit still intensifies and gain more strength. It has now 160kph of winds and 190kph gustiness. Ruby is carrying heavy rainfall and thunderstorms and brought storm surge up to 4 meters high.


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