Super Typhoon Seniang Reports Goes Viral is HOAX, FAKE - Updates on Typhoon Hagupit Ruby

To Our Fellow Filipinos: It's too early to panic about super typhoon Seniang. The reports of supertyphoon Seniang that became viral and popular online is a HOAX. There's no supertyphoon Seniang but a possible strong typhoon Ruby "Hagupit" is on the way to Philippines (updating).

Update: Typhoon Ruby "Hagupit" will be a strong one according to international weather forecasts and possibly hit Philippines Saturday December 6, 2014. Although there are some chances that typhoon Ruby will move north going to Japan. Keep updated in

The JTWC forecasts Hagupit to pack 240 kph (130 knots) by December 6 (Saturday), 8 a.m., when it is nearer the Philippines.

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT is strengthening and will soon be a typhoon. It maybe become quite strong as it moves WNW.

Unfortunately, the computer models and official forecasting agencies still DISAGREE about where it's going. The Euro (computer model) continues to bring the cyclone W, into the Philippines-- and the JMA forecast now shows HAGUPIT reaching the N part of Mindanao in 5 days.

On the other hand, the latest (00Z) GFS continues to insist that the cyclone will make a sharp turn to the N before reaching the Philippines and will stay out to sea. For now, we urge everyone to calmly monitor HAGUPIT and stay informed.

TO OUR FILIPINO MEMBERS: It's way too early to panic about HAGUPIT (RUBY). Some of you have heard false rumors that a super typhoon is approaching the Philippines. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Right now, HAGUPIT is a weak tropical storm, very far away. It MAY become a strong typhoon and it MAY threaten the Philippines in a few days-- but it may NOT. There are many variables and we just don't know yet. So don't panic. Just follow official forecasts and be prepared to take action if a typhoon does threaten. 

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