Super Typhoon Seniang Reports Is Fake and Hoax: Typhoon Ruby Updates December 6, 2014

To Our Fellow Filipinos: The reports about super typhoon Seniang on December 7 - 9, 2014 which became viral and popular online is a HOAX. There's no supertyphoon Seniang but a possible strong typhoon Ruby "Hagupit" is on the way to Philippines (updating).

The JTWC forecasts Hagupit to pack 240 kph (130 knots) by December 6 (Saturday), 8 a.m., when it is nearer the Philippines.

To Our Filipino Readers: After gathering factual information about typhoon coming in Philippines. We have gathered information that there's no supertyphoon Seniang coming to hit the country. Although strong typhoon Hagupit still intensifies as it moves closer to the Philippines but there are some chances that this typhoon will not hit Philippines. Please don't believe any reports about the super typhoon which may cause panic. Read official statements from http://www.westernpacificweather.com and for Philippines (

Update: Typhoon Ruby "Hagupit" will be a strong one according to international weather forecasts and possibly hit Philippines Saturday December 6, 2014. Although there are some chances that typhoon Ruby will move north going to Japan. Keep updated in

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT is strengthening and will soon be a typhoon. It maybe become quite strong as it moves WNW.


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