Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery in Consolacion Cebu

Who wants to eat Talaba, Bangus and other seafoods?
If you're too eager to eat these kinds of seafoods, try Co Jordan seafoods eatery located at Consolacion Cebu. They offer many types of seafoods including talaba, bangus, crabs, shrimps, shells and more. They also offer pork and chicken menus. Cheap, fresh and delicious foods are offered in Co Jordan.
You can also do fishing as their restaurants is at the top of the pond where thousands of Bangus fishes lived. 

 Kung ganahan mo og lahi nga pagkaon og gusto mo mokaon og mga seafoods, I will recommend Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus eatery sa Consolacion. Daghan ka og kapilian nga mga fresh nga isda og mga seafoods. Guaranteed fresh kay inig order nimu anha pa lutuon so makasiguro jud ka nga ang imong giorder presko og lab-as.
Their best seller menus are:
Sinugba squid
 Kung ganahan mo moadto here's the route tip.

If your from Cebu City
* Ride jeepney going to SM City Cebu
* From SM CIty Cebu, ride jeepney going to Consolacion (SM)
* Atbang sa SM Consolacion, there is a skenita and you can ride tricycle going to Co Jordan


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