Aguinid Falls in Samboan Cebu: Experience and Adventure 2015

Summer fun: Aguinid falls located in Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu. Aguinid Falls is one of the most visited falls and over thousands of tourists visit here every month. It has a 5 levels of waterfalls but difficult to climb specially for the child, people with problems in legs and senior citizens. They are advised to stay in level 2 for it’s too risky for them to climb up to reach the next levels. Foods and drinks are not allowed but there are cottages where you can eat your meal.

How much will you pay for a visit in Aguinid Falls?

Entrance Fee is 20.00 Pesos
But you need to have a tour guide (mandatory) going to the falls. I asked them if it’s ok not to have a guide but they insisted and said it’s mandatory. It’s up to you how much will you pay after the tour.

Here are sample pictures of Aguinid Falls in Samboan Cebu.

 Be with your friends and have fun in Aguinid falls in Samboan Cebu. Forget problems and worries instead replace it with fun and adventure.

Super Wow! grabeng experience, fun and adventure sa Aguinid falls sa Samboan, Cebu. Don't miss summer without visiting this place. You may not  read, hear or familiar sa Aguinid kay wala man pud kaayo ni mapromote specially sa social media but for sure dili mo magmahay if moadto mo. Before reach sa highest level kay moagi pamo og mga challenges like climbing rocks going to next levels.

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