Sugat Kabanhawan Festival 2015 in Minglanilla Cebu - Pictures and Videos

Minglanilla, Cebu: Grand celebration of Sugat Kabanhawan Festival 2015 in the town of Minglanilla - April 5, 2015.  From Sugat sa Pagkabanhaw on the dawn of Easter Sunday followed by different activities  like Carabao racing, gay volleyball in the rice field, street dancing competition, grand ritual showdown and more. It is the reason why Minglanilla was called as the Sugat Capital in Cebu.

Thousands of people joined the festival that includes tourists from different places. Here are some photos and videos of the celebration.

Basta Sugat - Minglanilla ang Sikat: Every year nagkanindot og nangka-ingrande ang Sugat Kabanhawan Festival sa Minglanilla. Nagkadaghan pud ang mga turista nga mitan-aw sa mga nagkalain-laing kalingawan during Easter Sunday. Gitapos ang festival sa grand Fireworks display.

Sugat sa Pagkabanhaw

Carabao Racing - Usa sa mga gi-atangan nga kalingawan pagkahuman sa Sugat sa Pagkabanhaw. Ang Carabao racing is the first activity in Easter Sunday morning and surely nga molingaw ninyo.

Sugat-Kabanhawan Street Dancing Parade

Grand Ritual Showdown - Dance competition by different schools in Minglanilla


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