Congratulations: Cebu is the RICHEST PROVINCE in the Philippines

-Cebu is the RICHEST PROVINCE in the Philippines "AGAIN";

-Cebu City is the 6th richest city in the Philippines(the only Visayan city which made it to the Top 10 Richest Cities; and

-Region 7 is the 2nd Richest Region after NCR. VIVA, CEBU!

TOP 6 Richest Provinces:
1. Cebu: P28.181 billion
2. Rizal: P6.715 billion
3. Cavite: P4.918 billion
4. Negros Occidental: P4.741 billion
5. Laguna: P4.474 billion
6. Batangas: P4.381 billion

TOP 6 Richest Cities:
1. Makati City: P34.461 billion
2. Quezon City: P31.917 billion
3. Pasig City: P20.036 billion
4. Manila City: P13.131 billion
5. Zamboanga City: P10.464 billion
6. Cebu City: P7.855 billion
TOP 6 Richest Regions:
1. NCR: P137.649 billion
2. Region 7: P61.731 billion
3. Region 4A: P60.509 billion
4. Region 6: P31.026 billion
5. Region 3: P30.278 billion
6. Region 10: P22.274 billion

Post-script: The reason why Cebu City lags behind Zamboanga City is because it has yet payables to JICA and the SRP are not fully sold. Moreover, Cebu City has government programs that need funding from the City Government: senior citizens, scholarship, etc. Once the SRP payables are fully-paid and the SRP properties lease increase, then BOOM CEBOOM!

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