Mermaid or Shokoy Found in Casay Dalaguete, Cebu - Real or Dake? Photos, Video Goes Viral

Shokoy or Mermaid in Casay, Dalaguete, Cebu allegedly caught, killed by Fishermen. The news and photo of Shokoy or mermaid in Dalaguete, Cebu became viral and trending online earning mixed reactions of netizens from different part of the Philippines.

This news is causing havoc in social media and made some fears swimming into the sea.

Is Shokoy or Mermaid found in Casay, Dalaguete, Cebu real or fake? It was not yet confirmed whether it is real but it already circulates in social media sites. See the alleged shokoy that was captured in Dalaguete, Cebu on Wednesday Jan. 6 2015
Updates: This is fake.

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