New Adventure at Kabutongan Falls in Looc, Ginatilan, Cebu with Trekking and Caving to try

April 1, 2017

A new discovered place which adventurers must try, the Kabutongan falls. Kabutongan fall is located at Looc, Ginatila, Cebu. The adventure includes trekking, caving and diving in the falls. Think of the another excitement and maybe you will conquer your fears if you try this adventure.

I know there are hundreds of extreme adventure lovers here and we would like to promote another tourists spot here in our very own CEBU.

Please be a responsible citizens and don't destroy nature. Don't throw your waste anywhere and be careful always.

The cold water will surely relax your muscles and having great advetures and excitement will complete your day.

Entrance Fee: 40 pesos
Life Jacket: 40 Pesos
Tour Guide: Just a Tip (depende ninyo pila inyo ihatag)

How can we get there?
From South Bus Terminal, you can ride a Ceres or Sunrays Bus going to Ginatilan.

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