Backpackers Choice: Lusno Falls in Ronda, Cebu - Trip, Guides and No Entrance Fee

Lusno Falls in Argao / Ronda, Cebu for great travel adventures and backpackers.

Another and new discovery in the south of Cebu, the Lusno Falls is located in Ronda - Argao, Cebu border will give you a panoramic and fantastic views with free entrance fee. The actual waterfall is located at the very tip of the Ronda-Argao border and the access/dirt road which leads you to the waterfall is basically already part of Argao.

Guides and trips so that you can have a marvelous trip to the new destination in Cebu. If you are a backpackers and a travelers, include this Lusno falls in your bucketlist.

Nindot kaau ang falls wala pakaayo siya na ilado sa mga tao peru free tanan... no fees, as in worth it inyu pag adto incase naa moy plan no adto... sudlonon siya then friendly kaau mga tao didto as in... dala lang mo foods and drinks..

from Queen City of the South page and photos

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