Next Adventure going to Mount Naupa in Naga City, Cebu

Mount Naupa is a place for trek lovers specially those who are into adventure to mountains. Mt. Naupa id a must try for a test of your stamina and endurance.

Mount Naupa is located in Naga City, Cebu and is one of the highest peak in the city. The 360 view of the place is one of the highlights when you get their.

Morning Shifters took a tour using their bikes.

"Nindot jud kaayo ang Mount Naupa and it is very challenging specially kung new og wala paka katry sa pagtungas sa bukid. Tan-awa lang picture and be amaze sa place."

"Gamay nalang kuwang for the clouds imo na maabot"

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  1. Nianha napud ko sa Mt Naupa last year. Very nice ang view.