11 Things WE WISH guests know when you Attend the Wedding

Wedding is the most important and once in a life event of a coupleand what they want is to make the celebration memorable. So to make the event more unforgetabble, we list down a couple of things wedding guests should know before the event.

11 Things WE WISH wedding guests know when you attend and invited in a wedding ceremony. 👰🤵


1. RSVP means "to respond". Yes, gusto po namin malaman as a couple kung aattend kayo or hindi, kasi binibilang po ang seats at plates sa reception venue. Okay lang po mag reply na hindi kayo makaka attend, wag nyo po kami i-ghosting. ✉️

2. UNPLUGGED means "Nagbayad po kami ng Photographer/Videographer, kaya sana sila na lang ang mag picture sa couple". Wag na po makipag unahan at humarang sa view nila, mahal po magpakasal, kaya sana magkaron kami ng magagandang memories sa araw namin. Please keep your phones 🚫📱

3. We spent months of planning para sa wedding day namin, kaya sana join us until the end of the program. No to "Eat and Run" please.🍱🏃‍♂️

4. Adult-only event means "No children running around or babies crying during our wedding". Wag po sana kami madistract habang nagsasabi ng "I do." Also, please enjoy this event without having to worry na maging makulit si baby. 👶

5. When we included a Dress Code in our invitation, we want to see you in that color, as much as possible. 👗

6. Kapag walang Plus 1 na nakalagay sa invitation, you need to ask the couple first before bringing in a date. Baka kasi hindi na kasya sa budget nila. ➕ 1⃣

7. Cash gifts or Sponsoring a Wedding Supplier would be the best wedding presents! 🎁

8. If we ask you to give a speech, it means your thoughts mean a lot to us. We hope you prepare a fun, wholesome, and not a generic message. Wag ka din sana magtago kapag tinawag ka. 🎤

9. Please DON'T BE LATE. Alam naman na natin gaano kalala ang traffic, baka pwede tayo mag adjust? ⏰

10. Don't be KJ. Kapag tinawag ka for the singles game or couples game, sali na. May prize naman yun. 🏆

11. If you're not the bride, don't be a DIVA. Kapag ininvite ka sa kasal, don't burden the couple of your dress, accommodation, or transpo. Marami na silang iniisip, so sana wag na dumagdag pa. 😭

So this is just some pieces of what you need to know about how and what to do when you are being invited sa wedding.

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