It Is Time to Renew Your Passport - Requirements and Fees

In this article, I will show you when and how will you renew your passports. Below will show you the fees and how much you pay in total in renewing your passport in the Philippines.

Anyone can renew their Philippines passport 8-9 months before its expiration, taking into account that you need to have 6 months remaining on the validity of your passport before you can travel. And of course, those who have an expired passport.

What Are The DFA Passport Requirements For Renewing Philippines Passport

  • Personal appearance - you cannot send a representative to renew your passport because your photo and fingerprints will be required
  • Your Passport - most recent expiring or expired passport - get a photocopy too
  • Confirmed Appointment
  • Printed Application Form
  • Valid ID - at least one (I have an ePassport, which means my expiring passport has an electronic gold chip in the front, therefore I was not asked for additional ID, to make sure, I still suggest you bring one extra ID and a photocopy of it as well)
  • Fee - P1,200 for 7-10 working days for the processing time, P950 for 13-15 working days. P150 for the delivery fee which is optional, pick up is for free. They only accept cash.

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