BREAKING: DOH Confirmed Chinese child positive of new Corona Virus in Cebu

January 20, 2020

Corona Virus now in Cebu after a child from China tested positive for new virus that started in China.

Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque III confirmed that a 5 year-old child from Wuhan City is admitted in a hospital in Cebu City after testing positive for being infected of a new coronavirus strain.

Duque said samples of the patient were sent to Australia to determine the kind of strain of coronavirus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus?
Cough and cold
Respiratory infections and shortness of breath

How to prevent the spread of virus?


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  1. Please don't spread fake news, be responsible and be wise. DOH never confirmed the boy was positive. In fact it's now in the news that the test showed negative. If you want to disprove it, feel free to do so, cite some sources but don't make a news as if it's factual when it's just tsismis. Your Blog's integrity is just down as of now.