Confirmed First Corona Virus in Philippines is Chinese, Travels in Cebu, Dumaguete - DOH

Philippines has now confirmed first patient of Corona Virus. She is a Chinese who travels Cebu and Dumaguete City according to DOH - January 30, 2020.

Face masks and N95 has been sold out in many stores as people are in hurry to buy for their protection. In Cebu, there is now are shortage of face mask and some organizations and people are now asking the government to ban Chinese flights to prevent possible virus contaminations.

First case of novel coronavirus in the Philippines confirmed by the Department of Health. Patient is a 38-year-old woman from Wuhan, China who had traveled to Cebu and Dumaguete City.

• The confirmed case arrived in the Philippines from Wuhan, China via Hong Kong last January 21, 2020.

• The patient was admitted in a government hospital last January 25, 2020 after experiencing mild cough.

• She is currently asymptomatic, which means she has no fever and no other signs and symptoms suggesting illness at this point, Health Secretary Duque said on  Thursday.

• DOH said patient is confined in a government hospital in Manila.

• The Chinese woman visited Cebu and Dumaguete.

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